The Ungovernable Man LIVE

Date: August 10, 2024

Location: Online

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Recent history has revealed the type of men we truly are on the inside...and how ready we really are to stand up when it is required on the outside. It has revealed fears, beliefs, truths and lies, the strength of relationships, and the magnitude of the spiritual, physical, mental, and economic warfare we find ourselves in as men on a daily basis. It has shaken many of us out of our slumber...and has sparked a fire in the hearts of the bold-hearted to get engaged in the fight for the future. 

A movement and fire is spreading among men and momentum is building. The alarm has sounded and the CALL TO ACTION is being broadcast clearer than ever before. Men like you are seeing the problem for what it is and realizing your role, purpose, potential, and power to impact the world. In every hard time, when the heat is on and when darkness knocks – a very DIFFERENT and RARE BREED of man is uncovered: the free and self-governed leader. The Ungovernable Man. 

Join us for an exclusive masterclass with Gabriel Alexander  and a panel of expert coaches for an exclusive live masterclass. This event is designed for men ready to take charge of their lives, achieve personal and professional growth, and become self-governed leaders.

The Freemen Forge Movement

A clear line is being drawn in the sands of time…

A line between good and evil…

God and godlessness…

truth and delusion…

liberty and tyranny…

principle and convenience…

strong and weak…

leader and follower…


Meet The Founder &
Head Coach of Freemen Forge

Gabriel Alexander, founder of Freemen Forge, is a dedicated mentor committed to helping men become self-governed leaders. His mission is to inspire men to forge their path to freedom through authentic leadership and personal growth.

“FREEMEN FORGE is the result of a vision first birthed out of a desire to connect with, train, teach, and activate freedom-hearted men, and to help tie them into a greater movement of God-fearing men shaping society.”

Gabriel combines spiritual, mental, and physical training to develop well-rounded, self-governed men who are ready to lead and succeed. 

FREEMEN FORGE is for men of faith who want to answer the call of leadership in their lives, become the skilled protectors and providers they were designed to be, and join a brotherhood of other ungovernable men who are ACTIVELY ENGAGED in the battle for the future.

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Speak at Your Event

Gabriel Alexander’s voice resonates long after he speaks. Transformative, bold, and truth-telling, his facilitation style is a force of nature. With a steadfast faith at his core, Gabriel confidently leads the room through an experience that is not just heard, but felt deeply in every fiber of the audience's being.

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